Health Care

Health Care

Health Care
Public health service should be as fully organized and as universally incorporated into our governmental system as is public education. The returns are a thousand fold in economic benefits, and infinitely more in reduction of suffering and promotion of human happiness.Herbert Hoover
Women's Rights

Women’s medical decisions should be between themselves and their doctors. Free preventative care and family planning services need to be made available to all Hoosier women, in particular those who lack access to medical professionals. Funding for prenatal care should also be increased so we can work together to lower Indiana’s infant mortality rate, which stands at the eighth highest in the nation. Violence against women is another health threat that Indiana needs to eliminate. I will work to pass stronger legislation to protect women from domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Affordable Health Care

With the recent repeal of the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, more Hoosiers are at risk of losing the insurance they desperately need. I believe all people should have access to quality, affordable health care regardless of pre-existing conditions or the ability to pay. We will need to work to ensure those who do lose coverage are able to receive it through other programs. I will support expanding the necessary programs to help all Hoosiers get the health care they deserve.

Opioid Crisis

Indiana’s opioid problem has quickly become a major issue within the state. Deadly overdoses have risen 3.5 percent per year over the last five years, and non-fatal overdoses have increased 60 percent over the same time. We must ensure Hoosiers are educated about preventing abuse as well as provide more treatment centers for those who are struggling with addiction. As well, all first responders should have access to and be trained on the proper use of Narcan so that Hoosier lives can be saved. Finally, medical professionals should be encouraged to limit the amount of opioids prescribed, and other pain management options such as medical marijuana should be considered.